How Restaurants Get Ahead By Using Online Ordering Systems

Online ordering systems are growing in the restaurant industry and awarding restaurants worldwide with additional sales revenue and improved customer experience. It’s estimated that restaurants with online food ordering systems increase their check sizes by nearly 25%. This trend is increasing efficiency among to-go orders and creating more opportunities for restaurant owners and managers.

You’ll Improve Communication— If you are taking to-go orders primarily over the phone your restaurant is likely missing out on increased sales opportunities. These phone orders come in one at a time. Compare that to the multiple simultaneous orders that an online system can accommodate. This also takes a huge burden off your staff by reducing active staff time. Use an online ordering system to efficiently manage your to-go line. With reduced wait times and increased convenience, your customers are sure to benefit from this upgrade.

You’ll Improve Customer Experience – Customer expectations are moving toward instant gratification. Just look at services like Amazon and Uber. Join them in the modern marketplace by facilitating online ordering on your website. This interface gives your tech-savvy customers access to hassle-free ordering and many other convenience features. The speed of service and ease of use is sure to improve the customer experience among your modern customer base.

You’ll Get All the Profit—It may be tempting to use established third-party delivery to accommodate the online market, but there’s always a cost to using a go-between. Hosting your own online ordering system means more control and more profits for your restaurant. The cost and effort of creating an in-house system usually pales in comparison to how much you’ll pay in the long term for using third-party delivery. Carefully consider the ROI of both options when deciding which method to use.

You’ll Create an Online Brand—Creating a digital brand is critical in today’s environment. Your online ordering system can be a pipeline to more online interaction with your brand through your website, social media platforms, and review sites. Guide customers to these other channels with links on your ordering pages, and drive revenue with online promotions to encourage additional sales.

You’ll Have Access to Customer Data— Your POS system is a great first step in collecting data for your restaurant analytics. Take that to another level with an online ordering system. This platform can give you access to a different type of data and give you more insight into your customer profile. A typical online ordering system will collect more personal information about the customer that can help advance your analytics and improve your customer profile. Use this information to streamline your menu items and tailor advertisements and coupons.

You’ll Still Have Customer Interaction—If you are worried about losing the human touch with an online system, fear not. Online ordering doesn’t mean customer service is diminished, it’s just refocused. Your customers will still come face to face with an employee during pickup or delivery. This will also mean your busy staff are less taxed with phone calls and better able to focus on the customers in the store. This also caters to a different clientele who are more interested in convenience and less concerned with the personal interaction. Of course, don’t eliminate the call-in option. There will always be those customers who will prefer to use the telephone, but many more will be attracted by the speed and convenience of an online system.

It’s hard to ignore: The popularity of online ordering is continuing to rise. Adding an online ordering system to your restaurant provides huge rewards. Don’t limit your business by ignoring the possibilities technology can bring.  

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