Improving the Restaurant Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Restaurants are becoming more reliant on technology by the day. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is leading the way on this front, simplifying tasks at all levels of the restaurant’s operations. AI is not something in the distant future. It’s here and being used by millions of customers. This technology is growing by the day and some examples have become almost commonplace in the restaurant industry. As these advancements continue to evolve their impact will transform the restaurant experience for customers and restaurant owners.

Virtual Personal Assistants— Personal assistants, like Alexa and Google Home, are becoming widespread tools. The number of people projected to use virtual personal assistants will reach nearly 2 million by 2021. With that level of usage, more and more people are using these personal assistants to search for restaurant locations, make reservations, and place orders. The AI technology uses data analysis and user trends to identify recommendations and communicates with data centers to provide location-based recommendations and current wait times.

Restaurant Mobile Apps—Ordering apps are useful marketing tools for restaurants. You can look at your customers’ profiles to see their order histories and then tailor promotional messages to their specific information. By reviewing users’ locations and purchasing behaviors, these apps can figure out if a customer is traveling and can make real-time suggestions based on the customer’s whereabouts. This is especially useful for chains or franchises.

Delivery Mapping—Food delivery is becoming a mainstay for many restaurants, so having the ability to enhance delivery routes is a necessity. This means guaranteeing food quality and timeliness of delivery. Delivery management technology can help you in this arena, keeping track of drivers during their routes while providing the best ways to save time and miles. The customers are kept up to speed on the progress of the delivery, too.

Robots—Robots are not exactly a reality yet for most restaurants, but some companies have started to use them successfully. These futuristic helpers are making waves as automated burger-flippers, ensuring portion control and standardization in some quick serve restaurants. In Europe, Domino’s  even has a robot deliver pizzas to customers’ doors if they live within a one-mile radius of the pizza shop. So far, these robots have been rolled out in select German and Dutch cities but plans to expand this program mean you may soon see a robot near you.

Kiosks That Remember Your Face—It’s a special feeling when you dine at your go-to restaurant and the staff remembers your favorite drink. But what if you could have that same experience without the wait time? Newly implemented kiosks are using cameras to recognize repeat customers. Part of self-order technology, they remember your previous order history and then make suggestions for future orders. It speeds the process enormously, taking essentially 10 seconds for you to order and pay based on this technology. These kiosks are already a reality at places like the gourmet hamburger chain BurgerFi. Some brands of kiosks go out of their way to protect consumer privacy by not storing the images of customers. Rather, they use facial geometry to remember the previous orders.

AI is shaping the restaurant industry in ways that are efficient, cost-effective, reducing error, and empowers the customer. Overall it seems to improve the guest experience. Are you embracing it?

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