Tips for Managing A Franchised Organization

Opening any business has some level of risk, and franchises are no exception. Restaurant franchises have strong brand recognition among their customer base which may insulate them against the ups and downs of the industry. That doesn’t mean there is room for complacency. Better management of franchise operations can increase profit margins and provide the right support system for success.

Attract The Right Employees— Your workforce is the heart of your operation. However, restaurants struggle with high turnover rates, which can cost a franchisee money in the long run. To attract dedicated employees from the start, consider offering medical, dental, retirement, and other benefits. This will make the employee feel like the job is more of a long-term career prospect rather than a temporary assignment. Finding the right manager is critical to a franchise operation as well. Once a manager is hired, they should be required to attend a manager training course, many of which are offered online.  

Subcontract Tasks Some companies don’t have the ability to hire personnel for all tasks. As many franchisees have a skeleton budget in the beginning, they should consider subcontracting assignments. Some common areas to subcontract are accounting, legal work, advertising, and public relations. You may consider retaining a consultant to help you navigate the ins and outs of starting up a franchise as well.  

Develop A Coordinated Marketing Plan For Social Media Social media is a staple of business interaction with clients. Franchisors and franchisees may have different opinions about how to market the brand on social media, but a cohesive marketing vision can be worked out from the top down. How is this accomplished? A franchisor should make sure a message is consistent and coherent by developing a detailed social media policy, including guidelines and templates for developing content that franchisees can use.

Target Demographics For restaurants, paying attention to demographics can increase foot traffic tenfold. How do you track and attract the kind of people you want coming to your restaurant? Geographic-information-systems software can print out reports on every zip code around the country, releasing information such as income levels and traffic patterns. This information allows a manager to carefully target marketing efforts to obtain certain customers. It can also help a franchisee determine if they need to change locations to get new clientele in the door.

Invest In Software Consider buying franchise management software specifically for back office solutions. These platforms offer everything from labor and scheduling to inventory and food management that can easily integrate into your point of sale and more. Investing in management software for a franchise can save you time and money over the long haul, including the ability to organize your most important operations in one place. This is also accomplished by standardizing processes, increasing visibility, and improving onboarding.

Managing a franchise takes dedication from multiple fronts. Some of these fronts, like finding qualified personnel, affect the frontend of your business. Others, such as acquiring software, help to manage the backend of a franchise. When managed well in tandem, these segments help to create a holistic management experience that will better your bottom line.

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