Building a Quality Workplace to Attract Quality Talent

Building a restaurant is all about making a name for yourself among consumers. But it’s just as important to build your brand among the industry as well. With labor costs rising and turnover eating into the profits, it’s more important than ever to attract the right people to your store. So how do you make sure to attract the best talent? Here are 5 easy ways to position your restaurant as the one to work for.

1.     Foster Open Communication – Open communication is the number one key to building a supportive workplace. It’s important that your employees have a voice in the organization. Establishing clear avenues for feedback helps your employees engage with the organization. Feedback opportunities should allow for discussion on a range of topics, including positive milestones, long-term aspirations, and issues of concern for the employee. Try establishing a system of feedback with periodic touch-base meetings to make sure everyone feels valued in the company.

2.     Create A Mission Statement – Creating an organizational mission statement will help make sure your employees understand your organization’s goals and are working toward the same end. This will also help make sure that you attract the right kind of people to your team. Whatever your company prioritizes most, make it clear and write it down.

3.     Use Performance Based Incentives – Incentivize your employees with bonuses that are based on company rather than individual performance. Your employees are a team, and each one’s performance impacts the other. Bonus plans or incentives based on company performance will help establish a team mindset and encourage healthy collaboration instead of division and competition. Your company’s success depends on your team successfully working together.

4.     Establish an Effective Onboarding Process – The first 90 days are a critical time in an employee’s tenure, but far too many organizations rely on informal onboarding to usher in their new hires. Studies show that organizations with standard onboarding practices are 58% more likely to retain employees past 3 years (SHRM). Make an employee handbook (if you don’t have one already) and have it available to new hires on day one. Also, consider creating a welcome packet that will introduce new hires to your executive team and to the company’s mission and background. Include leadership introductions, expectations, and general resources in this packet. When they feel welcomed, they will feel invested.

5.     Prioritize Quality Down Time – Organizational productivity is measured by the overall achievements of the team. Certainly, during the lunch rush, it’s all hands on deck, but employees can only work so hard before their productivity decreases. Hunger, fatigue, or resentment can eat away at productivity if your employees are overworked. To combat this, make sure to prioritize regular breaks and days off. A little down time can make their ‘up’ time that much more efficient.

The labor pool is gaining power in this economy. It is that much harder these days to find the right team for your restaurant. So pull out all the stops and make your company a brand people are excited to work for!

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