Bringing Family and Community Values to Our Business

This time of year, as family comes together and celebrates the season, we often find ourselves reflecting on the ups and downs of the past year. As we at Restaurant Magic looked back on the last year, we saw how our values shaped the landscape for our growth. When we asked where we learned these values, time and again our people had the same answer: childhood. Our families and communities instilled in us values that have proven crucial to our success in business. In no particular order, here are 8 of the values that many Restaurant Magic people live by.

Spirit of Adventure – This season often brings out our childhood spirit, a sense of wonder and adventure in all of us. When that same spirit is found in business, it turns a job into a career and a company into a family. People who genuinely enjoy what they do approach every day as a new adventure. As each day brings new challenges to overcome, that next adventure, whether it’s a new location or a new menu item, is just around the corner. In the restaurant industry, we have seen some of the most passionate people who genuinely love what they do and bring that excitement with them every day. Our people bring that spirit of adventure to Restaurant Magic. New business, new product features, new ideas. Providing the best restaurant back-office software in the country is an adventure unto itself!

 Respect – Treat everyone with dignity and respect, because they deserve it. A disrespectful culture can turn disagreement into conflict and create poor performance, low engagement, and high turnover. And it’s not just your employees who suffer. That unhappiness can unintentionally spillover into customer interactions. We pay close attention at Restaurant Magic to make sure each of us treats others with dignity and respect, and it shows in the high marks we earn in employee surveys.

 Reliability – As children, we are taught the value of reliability through homework assignments and extracurricular activities. Reliably following through, reliably supporting your team, reliably communicating with colleagues, these are all skills that carry through to business. To extend the sports analogy, when you join a team, your position is crucial to all other members of the team. The quarterback cannot function without the line, and the receiver cannot function without the quarterback. In our business, that same reliability is crucial to success. Clients need software enhancements released, vendors need invoices paid, employees need the next sprint’s work plan.

 Commitment – Owning a business is a long-term commitment. One thing parents, teachers, and coaches taught all of us growing up was to follow something through. If you join the baseball team, stay on the team until the last game of the season. If you join the Debate Club, stay on for the duration of the debate schedule. People are counting on you. That shows up in our culture at Restaurant Magic.

 Open-mindedness – Maintaining an open mind is essential for allowing innovative growth into your business. As we have grown, many of us have accumulated assumptions. In the fast-paced restaurant industry, assumptions do not hold true for very long. We must keep an open mind to make sure our assumptions are still valid. At Restaurant Magic, we strive to keep that curiosity by being open to new ideas, new ways to serve our customers, and new ways of doing things. Our open-mindedness has helped us continuously improve Data Central’s functionality and user experience.

 Honesty – Tell the truth; don’t make excuses. If you make a mistake, own up to it; don’t try to get out of it. That personal accountability pushes you to sharpen your game and not make mistakes. At Restaurant Magic, a culture of honesty has served us well. It sets a high bar for performance, and everyone trusts everyone, so we’re more productive.

 Humor – Humor is one of life’s great medicines. At Restaurant Magic, we stay in good spirits thanks to our sense of humor. It sets a positive, optimistic tone, which is especially useful at times when things are go-go-go and we’re burning the midnight oil. Our high spirits show up in our customer interactions as well. It’s a fun place to work, because we take the work seriously, but not ourselves.

 Perseverance – Keep at it. We all have stories of a time when something seemed out of reach. Maybe it was a challenging sport or a hard class. And we remember from growing up that, over time, hard work, and perseverance will pay off. Starting a business is a lot like that. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it takes time to grow a business. Setbacks are temporary, and just because you aren’t the market leader on day one doesn’t you mean you can’t rise the next.

These values have helped us structure our company and remain true to our roots as we grow. Maintaining a consistent value system within a company encourages quality work and lasting relationships. Going into the new year we will keep our values close at hand and are excited to see where they lead.