Five Ways to Improve Labor Retention in Restaurants

Labor retention continues to be a significant challenge in the food service industry. Restaurants experience annual turnover rates that are greater than any other sector, sometimes exceeding 70%!  When the employee turnover rate is high, the costs of hiring and training new employees can really cut into potential profits. With increases in costs, labor competition, and minimum wage rates, it’s becoming even more important to focus on retaining the right employees.

New Software Tools Improve Restaurant Labor Management Practices

Labor scheduling is often one of the largest time commitments of store managers in the restaurant industry. Labor is also one of the biggest expenses for restaurants, and so optimization of labor management can make a big impact on the bottom line. It can be challenging to manage so many moving parts, but smart solutions are on the rise. With labor management and scheduling software, the system can take care of a lot of pain points save time, money, and hassle.

2019’s New Minimum Wages: What You Need to Know and Do

The new year brings new changes to minimum wage laws and regulations. For a restaurant owner or manager, these changes can have big impacts on your labor and payroll management. Make sure you are up to speed on the new laws so that you can effectively manage your workforce. This is also a great time to ensure that your technology systems are staying up to date with a changing regulatory environment.

Lessons Learned – Customer Experience in the Software Industry

After 20 years in business, Restaurant Magic Software has learned some valuable lessons about customer service. Through many evolutions they have established a central mission that encapsulates the core of their success in the industry: it’s a human centric philosophy that caters to clients on a personal level, tending to their emotional responses as much as their technical needs.

Building a Quality Workplace to Attract Quality Talent

Building a restaurant is all about making a name for yourself among consumers. But it’s just as important to build your brand among the industry as well. With labor costs rising and turnover eating into the profits, it’s more important than ever to attract the right people to your store. So how do you make sure to attract the best talent? Here are 5 easy ways to position your restaurant as the one to work for.

What You Really Need to Know About Your Restaurant P&L

Most restaurant owners go into business because they love restaurants. This means food prep, menu creation, and good service. Math and accounting skills never seem to be a factor, but they are important when understanding the health of the business.  The most basic document that provides a picture of the restaurants health is the P&L Statement.   So - let’s break it down and find out what’s really in a P&L.

Cyber Security - How I Saved my Company Hundreds of Thousands in Costs

The notion of the restaurant as the refuge from the day-to-day connectivity of life has changed. A restaurant that does not offer WiFi so patrons can upload photos of the chef’s Spéciale du jour may earn the ire of Yelpers, once connection to the digital world is restored.  This means that nearly all restaurants are facing several of the same cyber security challenges typical tech-based businesses face every day. In this article, I’ll present five practices that any one store café or large chain restaurant group can adopt around cyber security which could prevent data breaches and keep both company and patron information safe from the rising threat of cyber criminals. Preventing a single breach could save a business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stop Wasting, Start Saving: Reducing Food Cost with Waste Management

Food waste is costly.  According to the USDA, food waste makes up 30-40% of the total US supply. This costs roughly $1.61 billion a year. At Restaurant Magic Software we want to help reduce food waste. We have identified 5 common reasons for excess food waste, and what you can do about it. With a little oversight you too can be on your way to reducing your food costs and improving your bottom line.