Video Testimonials

Jason Westhoff, President of Cousins Subs, explains how they couldn’t keep their food costs in control and were losing off their bottom line in food cost variance but Restaurant Magic helped bring it down to target range and their brand size of 100 stores saved $250,000 to their bottom line.

Franchise President, Eddie Titen of Sonny's BBQ, explains the benefits and opportunities for restaurant owners and managers by using Restaurant Magic’s software for their business.

Nick Vojnovic of Little Greek Restaurants explains how invaluable its been for their business to have the ability to run daily sales reports and have detailed data at their fingertips with over 40 franchises in 6 states.

Eric Ersher, the founder and CEO of Zoup Eatery, shares his appreciation of the years of support from the team at Restaurant Magic.

Nathan Straathof of Meritage Hospitality Group shares how the company really loves the ability to manage the multiple concepts of Restaurant Magic’s software they use all in one database.

Jeff Martin, Director of IT for the DeRosa Restaurant Corporation, shares how Restaurant Magic’s software has been the most flexible and thorough product they have ever used and has been a great benefit for the company all around.

Justin Scott, Implementation Manager of Skyline Chili shares a testimonial of how they use Data Central’s scheduling and inventory tools to help unify their systems. Franchise adaptations see the ROI and other great things Restaurant Magic’s software can do.

Karen Eadon, COO and President of Farmer Boys Restaurant, shares how the team didn’t realize the amount of waste they had but Restaurant Magic’s modules and tools identified where the waste was coming from and helped reduce their food cost by 1%.

Alan Lundeen, Senior Director of Operations and Talent at Cousins Subs, explains how their general managers have been able to make a company bonus based on being able to control their margin food cost and labor using use Restaurant Magic’s software.

Kyle Welch, President of Chicago Scoops, shares how he was blown away by the support of the Restaurant Magic team before, during and after implementation. Chicago Scoops was able to lower their cost of goods sold by 5 points and despite rising wages their labor spend has remained flat thanks to Data Central.