We believe that your investment in Restaurant Magic software services is the initial step in building a mutually beneficial relationship with you. We are driven to offer the very best software for restaurants in our industry. We recognize that achieving that objective without engaging our clients on every possible level is impossible. This means that our Data Central support is also driven to provide the very best slate of restaurant software services in our industry.



Our Data Central training team works to become an invaluable resource for your organization. Their work with you begins as soon as you step into the beginning of implementation and continues for as long as you require our assistance. For example, as your business grows or business problems require technical solutions arrive, it may become necessary to make changes to your Data Central configuration. As always, you can count on our support and presence in making sure you receive any training that may be required.



When you require our assistance, our veteran, highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable staff responds. These individuals are familiar with both the specifics of your business and also the Data Central configuration you are currently using. You can trust that the information they impart to you, as well as the steps they take to resolve any problems or concerns for you, are the right steps. This is true because they keep their knowledge up-to-date through their own extensive re-training and current technical documentation. When it comes to Restaurant Magic software support, these are the true Subject Matter Experts!


Implementation & Integration

Often, clients deal with anxiety during this key phase because they are concerned with how the install of Data Central will change the way they manage their business. Rest assured, we don’t intend to change the way you do business. Instead, we change the tool during implementation so that you receive better results from the way you do business. Restaurant software integration with related applications is an important part of the implementation process. Our highly skilled Project Management teams use the expertise gained from literally hundreds of previous implementations to ensure that yours happens smooth and that your restaurant management software implementation starts delivering results quickly and easily. Many times, the organization begins to see results before the staff begin interacting with the application.