Why Restaurant Magic?

Today, more than ever, technology matters. Even non-technical people appreciate that the quality of a technology is foundational to its use. This is why Restaurant Magic developed its Data Central back-office restaurant management application with the clear objective of ensuring it makes a positive impact upon your business. While building an application as powerful and flexible as Data Central is not an easy task, we set out to ensure that we built our restaurant software solutions on the best technological foundation we could find.

Data Central is built upon Microsoft’s .Net, a premier global application development platform. This is important to you for two reasons: One, because it’s a Microsoft product, your investment in our application is protected; Two, this means that Data Central is a modern application running on a modern framework. Why does this matter? Other applications running on older restaurant management technology can easily be rendered obsolete with present day advances in hardware and software technology. And with the rapid advancement of technological change your chances of catching up- much less keeping up- are severely constrained.

Great Product. If you’re not on it, you’re losing money!
— Eddie Titen, Franchise President at Sonny's BBQ

.Net enables Data Central to connect to your data sources, transporting data seamlessly across the internet without the expense and hassle of third-party data transport tools. It also enables you to avoid the risk and nuisance of having to setup FTP and network drive shares. It’s this same data-transport superiority that enables Data Central to connect you to your suppliers, your payroll and HR systems, your accounting system, your POS systems, and any other systems you use. Best of all, all data movement and manipulation is secure at all times.

Data Central is written entirely in C#, making it both modern and efficient. You can install your Data Central application on your POS system without fear that it will break some older applications on the same machine. This is because Data Central is 100% managed memory code. In other words, you end making fewer calls to your support desk- or ours- with issues related to applications not working well together.

more affordable than competitors

Ready to face the hard truth of the cost of Data Central? Here it is: Data Central’s restaurant management technology is so advanced, that when compared to our competition’s applications, the total cost to install and implement it is often 60% of our competition’s cost. Add in free version updates, easy to use features, application stability and durability within your environment, greater flexibility in meeting your business requirements and you begin to understand why we believe Data Central lowers your total cost of ownership without sacrificing features or benefits. Additionally, it generates a real return on your investment by lowering food, labor and deployment costs..

report designer

Due to our flexible, powerful restaurant management technology, we built in a fully professional restaurant report designer, rivaling premier report designers that cost thousands of dollars. Our report designer allows you to customize 100% of the 800+ built-in reports, as well as create your own reports from scratch. That same report designer allows you to design high-tech gauge and chart based dashboards, and allows you to schedule any report for any  reporting cycle, including sending out alerts to email and SMS recipients. All reports designed in Data Central can be viewed in the smart client, on the web in a browser, on your smart phone, or delivered to your inbox as an HTML imbedded report, without having to create multiple report instances or worse, pay for those multiple report instances.

Automatic updates

Data Central dynamically updates itself when new versions are available. Opening new restaurants, or have a large unit count? Data Central installs in under five minutes- and sometimes in less than one minute. After that initial install, the application updates itself continuously. Data Central requires no backups at all. In fact, if the Data Central application was deleted or disconnected entirely from the POS system, it would only require one to five minutes to re-install it. And this re-install happens with the integrity of your data secured.

What more could you ask of restaurant management technology than what Data Central’s application already does- and does well? When making decisions about back-office management applications offering advanced technology features, please…make the right choice, the smart choice. Choose Restaurant Magic’s Data Central, developed and designed with your business in mind.