Restaurant Magic Software Receives Melting Pot Teamwork Award

Restaurant Magic is pleased to announce that their team has been awarded the ‘Melting Pot Teamwork Award’ from Front Burner Brands. Recipients of the Melting Pot Teamwork award are recognized for resourcefulness and innovation in achieving business goals for Front Burner Brands. The teamwork award is based on one of Front Burner Brands core principals – teamwork.  Restaurant Magic earned this award by partnering with Melting Pot on and executing on a strategy to accomplish a major initiative.

Front Burner Brands is a restaurant management company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. It is affiliated with dynamic and niche-specific brands including The Melting Port, the premier fondue restaurant franchise with more than 125 locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Middle East. The team at Front Burner Brands strives to drive growth and produce rich, rewarding experiences by supporting all their brands and customers alike.

 “There is no greater sense of gratification and reward to us than knowing that we are valued and appreciated by our customers” says Michael Beck, Director of Sales at Restaurant Magic. “Thank you Melting Pot Restaurants!”

About Restaurant Magic

Restaurant Magic is a restaurant software company located in Tampa, Florida. They are the developers of Data Central, a suite of back office applications to help restaurant managers achieve operational and financial goals. Restaurant Magic developed its Data Central back-office restaurant management application with the clear objective of ensuring it makes a positive impact upon your business. Data Central is a powerful and flexible software application built on the best technological foundation to provide exceptional restaurant software solutions.