Labor Management & Scheduling 

Good food paired with great service provides a solid foundation for a successful restaurant. With increasing labor costs and rapidly changing regulations, managers must work hard to maintain profitability. Data Central’s Labor Module provides easy-to-use tools that streamline scheduling, control labor costs, and increase employee communication. We provide web-based scheduling software with predictive forecasting, automated alerts to help control overtime, built in compliance reporting, and a mobile employee portal that allows employees to see shifts, swap shifts, and identify availability. Data Central makes your job easier and ensures you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Store & Job Forecasting

Data Central enables unique prediction rules per store group and per job. Stores with different velocities or formats have a unique schedule prediction based on store characteristics, and each job is predicted using the metric that fits best: sales, guest count, check count, entrée count, etc.

Labor Optimization

We understand that labor is one of the largest cost centers in your organization, and offer the tools necessary to effectively manage this aspect of your business. Data Central comprehensively reports on past performance and proactively alerts you to areas of future concern including overtime situations and variance from defined budgets.

Predictive Scheduling

Data Central’s Labor Management Module combines sales forecasting and defined labor requirements to predict a daily schedule by job station and employee. This blend of factors generates a schedule that is both cost effective and operationally sound. Managers review the results via standard reports and interactive dashboards.

Legal Compliance

Navigating each location’s specific labor laws can be overwhelming when creating schedules and supervising hours worked. The Labor Management Module can manage any combination of federal, state and local compliance factors including breaks, minor employees and overtime. Reports and alerts can be utilized to provide real time information regarding payroll rules and ACA reporting requirements.

Schedule Management

Occasionally instances may arise, such as weather or local events, that would necessitate a change to the predictive schedule created by Data Central. Adjustments can easily be made in these circumstances. The sales can be re-forecasted based on an updated trend and schedules can be individually revised.

Labor Reporting

While cost is the most widely used method to measure labor performance, there are other factors that contribute to effective labor management. The reporting engine includes labor cost percentage, sales per labor hour, average wage rate, employee retention, and employee performance. Data can be viewed by day part or revenue center to pinpoint areas that need attention.

Employee Portal

Eliminate the need for posting paper schedules and interruptions in the restaurant by giving your staff access to their scheduled shifts online. Using a personal, secure login, employees review the details of their upcoming shifts and enable text-based notifications to be alerted of any changes. Time off requests and shift swaps are completed and approved via mobile access.

I can’t think of anything we wanted to do that we weren’t able to do - especially on the reporting end which gave us such flexibility.
— Jeff Martin, Director of IT at Derosa