Account Executive - US Nationwide

Responsible for selling Restaurant Magic’s software products and services. Operates as a committed and focused hunter whenever not in the process of actively servicing, communicating or selling to an existing prospect. Promotes and demonstrates Restaurant Magic’s products and services to prospects and clients as required. Performs consultative needs analysis and develops sales messaging to meet client requirements. Attends trade shows and industry-related events as a representative of Restaurant Magic. Operates under minimal supervision with the expectation of performing all required duties on time, on target and to quota.


Prospecting and Closing (70% of time)

  • Drive new business growth by selling solutions to multi-unit restaurants

  • Cultivate leads though in-bound and out-bound call activity to both prospects and targeted accounts.

  • Research and understand the prospective client’s business goals, objectives, and challenges

  • Communicate recommendations effectively to the appropriate level of leadership within a prospective company

  • Propose solutions to deliver quantifiable business value through an ongoing business relationship

  • Delivery of strong performance results against defined sales/revenue targets

Internal Communication & Documentation (15% of time)

  • Document prospect profile data into Salesforce database

  • Communicate to Sales Managers appointments booked and provide regular feedback.

  • On-going updating of Salesforce database with additions to company key contacts, titles, telephone numbers, profile data

  • Provide follow up communication and confirmation to prospects

  • Weekly sales information exchange meeting

  • Completes paperwork and maintains Salesforce system

  • Communicates with internal team to prepare for new business.

Research and Product Knowledge (15% of time)

  • Research internet, prior mailing campaigns, news releases, customers, tradeshow attendee lists, newsletters and other sources for prospects.

  • Monitor prospect company information for potential change i.e., acquisitions, divestitures or changes in company structure indicating a need to for expanded payroll tax processing.

  • Continuous development of personal product knowledge

  • Attends all appropriate internal training sessions.

  • Practices with, and maintains full proficiency with Company’s software

  • Reads all appropriate trade publications

  • Maintains a full knowledge of industry trends, and systems that Data Central integrates with.