Inventory Management

Restaurant Magic's Data Central is the ideal solution for operators looking to manage inventory and control food costs. Our platform provides the tools needed to track inventory, perform physical counts, forecast sales, predict inventory need, and automate ordering. We incorporate analytics and alerts that help to manage waste, reduce theft, and identify other cost savings. Data Central represents a smarter way for restaurants to oversee the inventory control process and provides managers more time to spend with their customers. 

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Recipe, Prep, and Portioning Management

The inventory module allows you to create menu item recipes using individual ingredient and inventory items. These recipes are combined into cards that contain portion, prep, and nutritional information for each item on the menu. As menu items are prepped and sold, inventory levels are automatically adjusted based on the attributed ingredients.

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Actual vs. Theoretical Inventory Analysis

Integrating sales information with inventory data allows you to compare actual food costs to ideal benchmarks. Information is tracked on a menu item and ingredient level, providing you with the ability to identify the smallest variance. Data Central includes alerts and dashboards that help managers to identify and correct portioning issues, waste, spoilage, and theft.

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Predictive Ordering

Data Central makes inventory forecasting easy by using historical consumption, sales forecasts, vendor delivery schedules, thaw and prep times, and ingredient level inventory tracking. It automatically determines inventory needs, suggest adjustments, and integrates with vendors to fulfill orders. Maintaining optimal inventory levels ensures proper turn and ensures maximized profitability.

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Electronic Vendor Integration

We leverage inventory data and integrate with your top suppliers to automate the inventory process. This automation ensures correct order amounts, enables item consistency, and imports invoice data to simplify order reconciliation. Data Central streamlines supplier and order management to provide managers with more time to spend with the customers.

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Handheld / Mobile Inventory

Data Central incorporates easy to use mobile inventory tools that save time in conducting restaurant inventory control and counting exercises. The mobile tools also increase accuracy by eliminating the need to replicate count results to an inventory counts form. The mobile tools leverage sync technology, ensuring operation even if a wireless connection is not available.

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Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Our Inventory reports provide you with the transparency and intelligence needed to make real time decisions. You can view on-hand inventory, pricing information, contract price variance, common inventory mistakes, inventory turn, and supplier order details. Data Central automates your process, but gives you in-depth reporting for verification and analysis.

The biggest benefit is it collects enough data that my people can project what they need to buy, order, cook, and prepare every day.
— Eddie Titen, Franchise President at Sonny's BBQ