Food Management

Data Centrals food management module allows you to lower food cost using menu engineering, purchasing management, and assisted line checks. Consolidating information from multiple platforms allows Data Central to predict future sales and proactively suggest inventory optimal inventory levels. Managers are provided with tools to make them more productive including automated inventory suggestions, prep planning templates, and line check checklists. Configurable alerts make everyone aware of exceptions and give operators time to correct issues before they impact profitability. Data Central makes the management of the food cycle simple and provides operators with time to get back in front of the customers.


Purchasing Management

Simplify the purchasing process and automate inventory management to maximize profits. Our Food Management module consolidates data from multiple platforms to identify trends, predict sales, and quantify variance between current and optimized inventory. Reports highlight important KPIs such as historical and geographic costs to provide insight on potential areas for cost savings. Alerts make you aware of exceptions so that you can better manage shrinkage, high cost ingredients, and user specific behaviors. Data Central provides you the right information to optimize your inventory, control your costs, and delight your guests.

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Menu and Recipe Engineering

Engineer more profitable menus by analyzing demand, costs, and margins on individual menu items. Our Food Management module allows you to define the cost of recipes to the ingredient level so that you can ensure margin and quality. We centralize recipes, methods, and portions to ensure consistency across all locations. Having all the ingredients allows for the reporting on nutritional and allergen data for FDA compliance and customer safety. Manage margins, reduce waste, and ensure quality with Data Central.

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Planning and Prep

Reduce planning time, eliminate waste, and ensure tight inventory control using our planning and prep features. We leverage current inventory, item recipe, and projected sales data to calculate optimized prep amounts to create a daily plan. Managers can use our mobile interface to update amounts, edit for exceptions, and make notes for the following morning.


Task Manager and Line Checks

Ensure food is properly stocked, at the correct temperature, and ready for the next shift. Our line check and task manager allow you to use your mobile device to perform line checks and communicate with your team. You can assign tasks, track completion, and record exceptions for the day. We integrate with inventory and sales forecasting to ensure that you are ready for the day and that ordering is up to date. Managing the line, communicating with the team, and ensuring inventory levels is easy with Data Central.

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Management Dashboards

Keep tabs on daily activities, exceptions, and costs using management dashboards within Data Central. Our dashboards provide easy to interpret reports and exception alerts to help you better manage your food costs, inventory levels, and daily prep activities. Dashboards are available via the web or via mobile interfaces, providing you the flexibility to manage on the run. With Data Central you will have the tools you need to manage and optimize your restaurants.

We have been able to reduce food costs by about 1% in terms of actual food cost management using actual versus theoretical data that we get out of Data Central.
— Karen Eadon, COO and President at Farmer Boys