Enterprise Analytics

The average restaurant operator makes over 100 decisions each day. They are constantly assessing situations, defining solutions, and taking actions to drive profitable operations. Enterprise Analytics provides the tools that operators need to visualize data, pinpoint opportunities, and proactively manage restaurant operations. It can be used to quickly check your daily sales figures, benchmark units across the enterprise, or drill down to analyze individual server performance. 

Enterprise Analytics comes with a set of preconfigured reports, dashboards, and custom integrations that provide for advanced data analysis. It combines information from POS, loyalty, accounting, and payroll to provide a global view of restaurant operations. Outliers and trends can be easily identified helping to manage profitability. Data Central’s Enterprise Analytics provides the data you need to effectively manage your restaurant.

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A Multi-Unit Solution

Enterprise Analytics allows multi-unit restaurant groups to merge data from across the enterprise. Information can be analyzed on a global, regional, or per unit basis.

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High-Speed Data Analytics

We incorporate the use of ETL, OLAP cubes, and database views to expedite transactional computations. This approach maximizes computational power and increases reporting speed.


Trend Analysis & Forecasting

Our Enterprise Analytics module offers access to historical transactional data. This allows analysts to develop detailed reports that display trends and provide a foundation for decisions based on previous experiences.

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Easy-to-Use Interface

Enterprise Analytics leverages Microsoft Excel as its standard reporting interface. This integration provides a recognizable, easy to use, and scalable reporting platform that can be used across multiple audiences.

Custom Report Designer

We combine transactional data, visual interfaces, and easy to use reporting tools. This allows you to create information-rich dashboards,
spreadsheets, reports, pivot tables, and more.

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Configurable Permissions

Our solution includes features that restrict access to individual data sets. We can provide franchisees, multi-unit operators, and regional/district different access rights and focus them on data that pertains to their specific role.


Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Data Central’s Enterprise Analytics is a cloud based service offering. We combine the hardware, software, and maintenance to deliver a scalable and cost effective Business Intelligence solution.

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Restaurant Specific Reporting

Data Central has enlisted the experience of some of the most successful operators in the business. Using their insights, we created a collection of standard reports that help you leverage industry leading practices.

Data Central provides us with a daily snapshot of our business with aggregated store data that allows us to make better, more informed business decisions.

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