Enterprise Reporting

One of the keys to managing a profitable restaurant is having access to timely information.   This access allows managers to properly schedule shifts, manage inventory, and identify potential challenges for their business.  As restaurants add units this data can become difficult to obtain, reducing the ability for a manager to make proactive decisions.  Enterprise Reporting by Restaurant Magic was specifically developed to integrate data across multiple units and provide real time insights to optimize profitability.  The software is complete with innovative features including automated report delivery, criteria based alerts, and configurable user permissions.   Enterprise Reporting by Restaurant Magic is your solution to multi-unit reporting and business intelligence. 

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Easily Normalize Data

Enterprise Reporting’s proprietary technology normalizes data consumed from 3rd party sources.  This feature provides an ideal solution for restaurants with multiple brands of POS systems, who are actively migrating data across platforms, or who call similar products different things across locations.

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Prebuilt Reports and Dashboards

Restaurant Magic has enlisted the experience of some of the most successful operators in the industry.  Using their insights, we created a collection of standard reports that help you leverage industry leading practices.

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Automated Report Delivery

Reports can be custom designed using Enterprise Reports and configured to automatically send to a single user or a group.  Reports can be sent whenever you like via web based dashboards, email, or text messaging.

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Criteria Based Alerts

With Enterprise Reporting you can configure individual performance indicators or KPIs.  When your data dips below or exceeds the KPI, an automated alert will send you an email or text message making you aware that action is needed. 

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Daily GL Exports

Need a quick and easy way to get daily financial data from individual stores?  Enterprise Reporting can provide an automated daily GL export that is mapped to the needs of your accounting and finance team.

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Configurable Permissions

Our solution includes configurable permissions that allow franchisees, multi-unit operators, and regional/district partners to only see the data for stores they have been granted permission.

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Touch-Responsive Mobile Access

All reports and dashboards are available via a web browser and have touch-responsive menus optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

We have been using the software for several years now with several different concepts and what we really love is we can manage these multiple concepts through one database and it really makes our lives easier.
— Nathan Straathof, Business Development Specialist at Meritage Hospitality Group