Data Warehouse

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive markets in the consumer space. Managers are actively looking for tools to help them to make timely decisions and increase the bottom line.

The Data Warehouse module within Data Central makes it easy to centralize information from multiple applications including POS, inventory, scheduling, payroll, and accounting. You can leverage built-in enterprise analytics or implement industry standard business intelligence tools to transform information into actionable insights. Our Data Warehouse module puts information at your fingertips to proactively manage restaurant performance.

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Designed for restaurants

Our Data Warehouse module is specifically designed for multi-unit restaurants. It has preconfigured integration points for popular POS, inventory, scheduling, and payroll platforms. Data can be federated using Data Central and a complete data warehouse can be deployed in just a few days.

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3rd party bi tools

Open access means you can use industry leading platforms to develop powerful business intelligence. Excel, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Tableau, PowerBI, or MicroStrategy can all be used to extend the Data Warehouse.

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Full Access to your Data

The Data Warehouse module provides you with complete access and administration privileges for your information. You can create users, add tables, develop indexes, and create views. It's your data and we provide flexibility for how you use it.

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Usage Based Pricing

The pricing model has limited upfront costs and leverages usage-based pricing. You only pay for what is needed and storage can be scaled with limited investment.

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Fully Managed Solution

The Data Warehouse module is a true platform as a service offering. The Data Central team manages the infrastructure and ensures that the data is optimized, available, and protected. We take care of the technology, allowing you to spend time analyzing data and improving your business.

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ETL Scheduler

We offer a configurable automatic ETL Scheduler to let the users define the timing and frequency of data loads, offering a ‘set it and forget it’ experience for the entire ETL process.

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Easily Normalize Data

Our proprietary technology normalizes data
consumed from 3rd party sources. This feature provides an ideal solution for restaurants with multiple brands of POS systems or who are actively migrating data across platforms.

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Industry Leading Technology

The Data Warehouse module has been built using Microsoft Azure and SQL database structures. The use of industry standard technologies allows our customers to leverage readily available resources to extend, customize, and analyze.

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