Our Customers

We value the opportunity to engage them with our back office software, and build mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with them, regardless of their size or reach. We value the opportunity and privilege of serving them to the very best of our collective abilities. We are here to help our Data Central clients respective businesses grow and to ensure them a solid return on their technology investment with us. There is no other reason or purpose for us to exist.

We promise our new Data Central customers the same level of Restaurant Magic support, service and excellence that our existing customers already receive. We believe our Data Central application is the very best product of its kind in our industry, and we support its use in your organizations with a team of people we believe are the very best at what they do.

See why hundreds of brands and thousands of locations count on Data Central for unsurpassed business intelligence. Request more information or schedule a demonstration to see how we can help your organization.

The support is great, tools are very useful, and we are very, very happy with Restaurant Magic.
— Karen Eadon, COO and President at Farmer Boys
I can only tell you if you’re not investing in it, you’re losing money every day.
— Eddie Titen, Franchise President at Sonny's BBQ
Last year between labor and cost of sales savings on our brand size of 100 stores, we saved $250,000 to our bottom line.
— Jason Westoff, President at Cousins Subs
Restaurant Magic has taken great care of us, we’ve used the scheduling program and the inventory program and it has done awesome things to unify the system.
— Justin Scott, Implementation Manager at Skyline Chili
With over 40 franchises spread out over 6 states, what we found to be invaluable was to have the ability to get daily sales reports and detailed data immediately at our fingertips.
— Nick Vojnovic, President at Little Greek
The support is amazing, the team is amazing. We look forward to them helping us grow in other entities, other groups, and other concepts. We are one happy customer!
— Kyle Welch, President at Chicago Scoops