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At Restaurant Magic we are very proud of our commitment to customers and our team’s ability to actively solve any challenge that is put in front of them. We traditionally create case studies to demonstrate these values, but recently received an email from one of our long-standing clients that we felt could speak for itself.  We applaud Mike Constanza, Kevin Rood, and the rest of our team members.  We also thank Dave Diamond at TooJay’s Deli for taking time to recognize our team! 


Here is the email:

From: Dave Diamond
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 3:12 PM
To: Drew Peloubet; Steve Roberts
Subject: Mike Costanza / Kevin Rood
Importance: High

Gents, I wanted to personally inform you of the OUTSTANDING team you have built.
We have been partners in business for ~13 years or more.  The relationships that we have built amongst our teams is one that many companies can only dream of with their vendors.  Long story short, I asked Kevin for assistance with a Data Central web service report that is used for our proprietary labor program.  Our labor program was written about 8 years ago, & the developer that created the program is unreachable.  Kevin went ahead & made the changes to the report, above & beyond what was asked.  Unfortunately, unknown to Kevin & I, the labor program looks at the report GUID for data.  This rendered our program useless, and all accountability is on me, as I told Kevin to make the changes.  I had searched through a lot of C# code on our server, to see if I can decipher & track down the GUID, however to no avail.  Kevin asked Mike to take a look.  At this point most vendors would have told me not their software, however Mike was able to decipher the “Davinci code” and corrected the issue in our software within 15 minutes.  It is indescribable the amount of time & struggles that Mike & Kevin had saved TooJays!!

Every interaction with your group always leaves me thankful, and highly valuing our partnership.  From the dealings with Sergei, Kevin, Mike, yourselves, and the whole Restaurant Magic team, the answer is never “No”, but “here is what we could do…”.  To show our gratitude, I would like to cater lunch this Friday, 8/24 for the RM Team.  I was going to coordinate sandwich / wrap platters & a dessert platter for ~25 people.  Will this accommodate the team or is there more / less?

Again, it is indescribable the amount of time & struggles that Mike & Kevin had saved TooJay’s.  This is just one example, of many, that your team has exceeded our expectations.


Dave Diamond | Director Information Technology
TooJay’s Deli • Bakery • Restaurant