Military Deli And Bakery Services, Inc.

Business Problem

Military Deli And Bakery Services, Inc. (MDBS) is a subcontractor to the Defense Commissary Agency that supplies deli and bakery goods in over 100 commissaries across the United States. Their locations are spread across the nation and include remote locations such as Alaska, Hawaii, and North Dakota. The specialized aspects of working with the Defense Commissary Agency means that MDBS’ business doesn’t fit an average mold. This presents unique inventory and sales management challenges. Prior to installing Data Central, MDBS was using a complex system of spreadsheets, paper, and fax communication to manage their network of stores. The system was time consuming and required a significant management from the MDBS team. They knew they wanted a more user-friendly system that would improve communication and visibility. Their management team originally met Restaurant Magic at an industry trade show and a second encounter at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago made them believe Restaurant Magic could be a valuable partner. 


Patty Watson, Corporate Director/ Chief of Staff for Military Deli & Bakery Services, Inc., led the implementation initiative. She and her team worked hand in hand with Restaurant Magic to design a customized back office solution. The result was a system that used best practice techniques to streamline procedures and improve their daily processes.  The unique structure of the business posed an opportunity for the implementation team. Restaurant Magic used their experience and agile development skills to create a custom solution that met the need of MDBS. Patty was impressed with the implementation team and their concern for her business. “The Team at RM did a great job of customizing the platform for our needs. Not a lot of companies would spend the time.”


MDBS is currently using Data Central to manage many aspects of their business. Through Data Central, they place orders, take inventory, manage scheduling, record clock ins and process payroll. Since implementing Data Central, they have seen a noticeable improvement in their Cost of Goods Sold. The managers have much better visibility and can stay on top of their purchasing. Where before they were faxing orders and managing inventory on paper, they can now handle it all within the software. This means more informed purchasing practices and less waste.

Data Central has also provided MDBS with added supervision over store operations. With the new software they can monitor store performance and make informed decisions much more efficiently.  

MDBS is very pleased with the ongoing support they receive from Restaurant Magic. They are currently preparing to roll out Data Central’s line check to their stores. The support team is very responsive and eager to answer questions.