Cousins Subs

Business Problem

Cousins Submarines, or Cousins Subs, is a Menomonee Falls, WI based sandwich shop with 95 locations in Wisconsin. Their back-office management system needed an overhaul to improve inventory management and reporting. Cousins Subs pride themselves on using local and regional suppliers, which means that vendor and inventory management can get complicated. A well-known back office solution was initially brought in to manage Cost of Sales.  As Cousins Subs needs increased, it was decided that the software would not meet their needs.  The company started to look for a new back office solution, but decided to integrate the project in their search for a new POS.  Cousins Subs ultimately choose the Brink POS system and Restaurant Magic was highly recommended by the Brink team. 


After selecting Data Central by Restaurant Magic, Cousins Subs was led through an implementation process to set up the system.  The process was surprisingly efficient, resulted in a swiftly executed system, and provided one-on-one training for the Cousins team. The team was impressed by how the implementation engineers approached the solution and the experience they had in restaurant operations.  Their industry background brought real-world experience and helped guide Cousins Subs through best practice recommendations. “It’s one thing to know where you want to go, it’s another thing to know exactly how to get there. The RM team helped us build the road map for our new system.” Said JJ Grube, Director of Finance at Cousins Subs.


Since implementing Data Central, Grube reports that their inventory variance has improved by 2%. Approximately 1% of that is driven by new process, and the other 1% is from increased visibility and corrected recipes. They have been able to drill down and isolate that half of the improvement comes from their two biggest items: bread and steak. This insight led them to implement daily counts on these items, and they now have further visibility and inventory control. Grube has also been thrilled to have automatic reports and alerts delivered, saving him and his managers time and increasing the team’s productivity.

One advantage of Data Central by Restaurant Magic software is how customizable it is.  With limited implementation, Cousins Subs was able to design an experience tailored to their specific process. Specialized daily process guides helped to ensure that store level daily procedures were executed without issue. Grube noted that punch outs had been an ongoing issue, but with Data Central, they have created daily alerts that help managers ensure that stores cannot close out until punch outs are complete. Grube expects to reduce his costs by another 1% as they begin to adopt more features from Restaurant Magic including prep lists and labor.