Wedgewood Weddings

Business Problem

Wedgewood Weddings offers customized wedding and special event packages in 37 venues across the country. Since the company was founded in 1986, Wedgewood Weddings has earned its name for managing premier special events with all-inclusive packages and a stress-free customer experience.  From a data management perspective, Wedgewood presents unique challenges for inventory and sales management and reporting. The company uses a specified catering software to collect sales data, but needed additional tools to help with analytics, labor management and accounting. Nothing quite seemed to fit the bill. Wedgewood’s team was utilizing Excel spreadsheets to fill in the gaps but needed a system that could be customized to their unique demands. A period of rapid growth for the company meant that manual data entry was no longer an option, and so they set out to find a compatible solution.


For the first step in Wedgewood’s data management plan they selected a new POS System, CBS NorthStar. When they learned that the POS had an integration with Restaurant Magic’s Data Central enterprise management solution they were intrigued. After looking into the software, they were impressed by its robust features and flexible configuration. They decided to utilize Data Central to consolidate their data into actionable reports and business intelligence.  

We spoke with Lauren Covell, the Director of Information Technology at Wedgewood Weddings, to understand more about their implementation process. Each implementation is unique, and Wedgewood’s catering setup presented an interesting challenge to the team. Restaurant Magic’s Implementation Engineers, Glen Fuller and Kim Gray-Tucker, proved their expertise every step of the way. Covell was impressed with the team’s quick responses and accommodating atmosphere. They have been great to work with and very patient both in configuring the system and instructing on its use. The implementation process involved lots of moving parts, and Glen and Kim were able to bring them all together for a successful solution.


Since implementing Data Central, Wedgewood Weddings has been able to centralize all reporting for payroll, sales and revenue. They have been impressed with Data Central’s powerful reporting engine and have worked with the Restaurant Magic team to create additional custom reports to enhance their visibility. The team also uses the Scheduled Reporting feature to send automated reports on a regular basis. According to Covell, “the automated reports are a godsend. They are the greatest thing that was ever invented.” The enhanced business intelligence has given them next-level visibility in their operations and performance. The result is streamlined process, improved productivity, and data-driven decision making.