Data Central Training

While some companies believe their commitment to customer training ends with the completion of implementation, here at Restaurant Magic, we believe that customer training never ends.

With us, Restaurant Magic software training is less of an event and more of a relationship. After all, our success is built on your organization’s effective use of our Data Central application. You can rest assured that we are committed to providing the most extensive restaurant back office application training program possible. And every step in that program is aimed at making Data Central work for you, not against you.

Restaurant magic support

Our Data Central training team works to become an invaluable resource for your organization. Their work with you begins as soon as you step into the beginning of implementation and continues for as long as you require our assistance. For example, as your business grows or business problems require technical solutions arrive, it may become necessary to make changes to your Data Central configuration. As always, you can count on our support and presence in making sure you receive any training that may be required.

Restaurant Magic software training doesn’t force you to learn at our pace, or by only one method. Instead, we track with you, and use a variety of restaurant back office application training methods to help your expertise grow. In addition to our high touch, customer focused sessions, we offer an engaging community forum that allows all customers and end-users to ask questions regarding Data Central training and configuration, while ensuring they receive answers from our skilled training staff. We recognize that the restaurant industry requires a specialized approach to training. That’s why we have taken great pains to design a flexible and comprehensive approach to training. Even better, it’s an approach that can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of your organization. This includes, but is not limited to, tools such as Captivate, the online Customer Forum and highly specialized, on-going training sessions.

At Restaurant Magic, Data Central training isn’t a burden; it’s a privilege we gain through your trust in us. It’s also a key element in establishing the ongoing relationship we value. When it comes to your Restaurant Magic software training, count us in.

Highlights of Restaurant Magic Software Training Services:


Easy Access

Restaurant Focus

Flexible Training Tools

Ongoing Q&A Sessions

Engaging Customer Forum

And More!

  • Since implementing Data Central, our labor costs have decreased by utilizing the Overtime Alert to catch OT before it happens.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain
  • Data Central contributed to an increase in profits by allowing us to make better – faster business decisions.
    CFO, QSR Franchisee
  • I’ve made back my investment in Data Central over and over again. In an economy like this one with our sales down, our gross profits are up 3%.
    COO, Pizza Chain
  • Since we installed Data Central we’ve benefited in a number of ways, including significant savings.
    CFO, Casual Dining Chain
  • Data Central helped us lower our labor costs.
    COO, Pizza Chain
  • Since we started using Data Central we have seen a reduction in both our food and labor costs
    Field Supervisor, Casual Dining Chain

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