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The reasons for providing implementation services might seem obvious to many. After all, the transition from your purchase to Data Central software implementation is the natural order of things. You purchase the software, and it must be implemented or installed into your environment before it is useful to you.

Our experience, though, is that the Data Central software implementation experiences often differ from one client to the next. Why? Although there are some similarities between Data Central clients, there are even more differences. That is what makes each client unique. And that is why we make use of the restaurant management software implementation phase as a way of uncovering all your requirements, concerns, and resources. Then, we develop a plan to assure success.

Restaurant Magic Support

Often, clients deal with anxiety during this key phase because they are concerned with how the install of Data Central will change the way they manage their business. Rest assured, we don’t intend to change the way you do business. Instead, we change the tool during implementation so that you receive better results from the way you do business. Restaurant software integration with related applications is an important part of the implementation process. Our highly skilled Project Management teams use the expertise gained from literally hundreds of previous implementations to ensure that yours happens smooth and that your restaurant management software implementation starts delivering results quickly and easily. Many times, the organization begins to see results before the staff begin interacting with the application.

At Restaurant Magic, we pride ourselves on the more than 150 years of solid restaurant experience and expertise we make available to our clients in reassuring them that their choice of restaurant management software was indeed the best choice for their organization. And we can do the same for you. We devote ourselves to ensuring a trouble-free Data Central implementation and transition possible. We also ensure that when we turn Data Central over to our clients, they are adept at making the application work for them. This is where Implementation and Training come together to ensure your satisfaction and success.

Highlights of Restaurant Magic Implementation Services:


Industry Acumen

Restaurant Experience

Professional Project Management

Quick Results

Proven Expertise

Configuration to Suit Your Business

Data Central Integration

As we all know, there are many restaurant business solutions in the marketplace, as well as proprietary solutions developed in-house. Chain restaurant owners and operators count on these systems to help them run their businesses. Therefore, one of the big challenges they face is getting all of those systems to work together and our 24-hour Restaurant Magic support can answer your questions no matter what time of day. The process of restaurant software integration becomes a major stepping-stone on your path to growth.

They have Restaurant Point of Sale systems, sometimes several different brands or versions. They have Accounting systems, ERP systems, Payroll systems, Human Resources systems, Speed of Service systems and many more. Some of these restaurant business solutions have worked quite well over the years, and the thought of changing one of them can be uncomfortable.

Don’t worry. One of the best things about working with Data Central from Restaurant Magic is that it integrates seamlessly with almost every restaurant related application in use today, including all major and many emerging brands of restaurant POS software. And if there is some application in your restaurant that has been custom designed for you, our development team is expert at finding solutions to almost any software integration challenge. This means that you can keep those in-house legacy applications and make use of the power, flexibility and control Data Central integration gives you.

Data Central Software Integrates With:


Restaurant POS software

Payroll and accounting software

Vendor ordering and invoicing systems

Speed of service software

Human resources software

ERP software

  • The scheduled reporting from Data Central saves everyone a lot of time by not having to run their daily reports every day. They just get them in their emails in the morning.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain
  • When we considered a system to improve our reporting and operational capabilities, Data Central was the right call.
    CFO, QSR Franchisee
  • We saved resources normally assigned to verify information like budgets and purchasing because it's all done within Data Central.
    CIO, Multi-Brand Chain
  • We like the Prep sheets that Data Central automatically generates from each unit’s PMIX.
    Field Supervisor, Casual Dining Chain
  • It was important to us to have a back office system that was easy to use while providing dependable, timely information to management for decision making. Data Central is that system.
    COO, Fine Dining Chain
  • Our experience with Data Central and Restaurant Magic has been nothing but positive. It is a tool that absolutely has to work for us- and it does.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain

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