Consulting. There are few words that heighten the anxiety of business owners like consulting. Why?

Many fear that, after paying a hefty price tag, they end up with little of value. It sometimes seems as if the people who benefit the most from consulting are the consultants themselves.

Recognizing this, Restaurant Magic has redefined restaurant consulting services for our Data Central clients. Our restaurant consultants work toward one objective: Helping successful organizations achieve more success through continued growth opportunities. One of the ways in which our restaurant management consultants help our clients is by freely sharing non-proprietary best practices with them. Our restaurant consultants work diligently with our clients in helping them understand how to best unleash the power of Data Central in benefiting their respective organizations. And that work can also include the involvement of our executive team if required.

Restaurant Magic Support

One of the ways our restaurant management consultants do this is by engaging our clients in extensive Q&A sessions regarding their businesses. This accomplishes three key goals: First, it helps our restaurant consultants become more familiar with the clients; Second, it broadens the client perspective on how much they can get done and how much their businesses can grow using Data Central’s extensive and powerful tool-set; Lastly, it impresses upon clients the need to gain a better understanding of how to use the information they already possess in new and more powerful ways.

A thorough menu analysis is one example of our restaurant consulting services at work. Working with executives and managers, our consultants work their way through the menu an item at a time. They do this in order to better understand what sells, what’s profitable, and what should be changed or eliminated. They also seek to determine how growth can be achieved by streamlining the back-office processes such as ordering and inventory to fuel sales and profits.

In the end, our restaurant consulting services focus on finding new avenues of growth in order to drive the success of client businesses. Knowing that is exactly what you expect from restaurant management consultants, that’s what we provide: Value-added restaurant consulting services that not only works with you, but for you.

Highlights of Consulting Services:


Easy Access

Quick Response

Industry Acumen

Engaging Clients


And More!

  • It was important to us to have a back office system that was easy to use while providing dependable, timely information to management for decision making. Data Central is that system.
    COO, Fine Dining Chain
  • The scheduled reporting from Data Central saves everyone a lot of time by not having to run their daily reports every day. They just get them in their emails in the morning.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain
  • We like the Prep sheets that Data Central automatically generates from each unit’s PMIX.
    Field Supervisor, Casual Dining Chain
  • We saved resources normally assigned to verify information like budgets and purchasing because it's all done within Data Central.
    CIO, Multi-Brand Chain
  • When we considered a system to improve our reporting and operational capabilities, Data Central was the right call.
    CFO, QSR Franchisee
  • Our experience with Data Central and Restaurant Magic has been nothing but positive. It is a tool that absolutely has to work for us- and it does.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain

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