Management Suite

Data Central Management Suite

Our Data Central Management Suite offers clients robust restaurant management system functionality and key back office solutions in the five areas that are crucial to your organization’s success: Inventory Management; Labor Management; Cash Management; Information Management and Reporting.

The Data Central Management Suite modules are designed to work together seamlessly, helping you achieve enterprise-wide control of your information and reporting. This restaurant manager software in turn helps you achieve your key objective: Making your restaurant or multi-unit chain more profitable.

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With our restaurant manager software, Data Central Management Suite, tasks such as Sales Forecasting are simplified, providing you with pre-formatted or configurable prep sheets, making suggested ordering and helping you manage your scheduling. Our restaurant management system aids you in controlling your cost of goods through suggested ordering frequencies, EDI invoicing and automating purchase orders. Additionally, the Data Central Management Suite offers you the powerful reporting capabilities of Data Central’s Enterprise Reporting Module. Through predictive scheduling and web-based scheduling, our restaurant management system helps you control your labor costs effectively and efficiently. It also facilitates the smooth integration with popular restaurant accounting software and payroll software applications.

Data Central Management Suite accomplishes this in 11 ways:

Lower Your Cost of Goods Sold

Data Central helps you control what you use. Categories such as food & beverage costs, alcohol costs, waste, over-portioning, and theft drive your costs up. Reviewing the information Data Central provides and implementing suggested changes help you realize real- and sometimes substantial- cost savings.

Collaborative Budgeting

Lets your GM’s and their Area Managers work together to build accurate, challenging budgets.  Rollups and Comparison Reports are generated automatically.

Lower your Labor Costs

Data Central predicts sales and shows managers how to best schedule their staff to ensure adequate coverage. Managers also receive smart phone alerts regarding impending overtime so the appropriate action can be taken.

Save Time

By automating and streamlining reporting tasks, Data Central Management Suite frees your decision makers to do what you pay them to do. Data Central automates purchasing & receiving, schedule writing, daily procedures, reporting, and streamlines inventory. You’ll be able to spend more time talking with your customers and providing excellent service.

Data Points that Drive Management Effectiveness

Data Central will help ensure valuable management time is being used to focus on the things that need improvement. Data Central provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), the information you require to measure your progress on the road to success.

24x7 Access to Timely Information

Data Central Management Suite is a secure online system that provides access to your critical business information anywhere at anytime. This same accurate timely information helps ensures your team makes good decisions every time!

Predictive Intelligence

Management Suite’s powerful, easy to use forecast reporting enables you to better plan to meet your business requirements.

Integration with Key Line of Business Applications

Data Central seamlessly integrates with Point of Sale, B2B, Accounting and Payroll systems for easy information exchange. Having your vital information in one place makes understanding your business easier than ever.

Ease of Use

Data Central was engineered specifically for Restaurateurs, and the Management Suite follows this tradition. Developed so that the operational processes can be easily executed according to the needs of the organization, reports can be automatically delivered to email and smart phones or even generated on demand, on the spot.

Exceptional Customer Service

In addition to a superior solution like the Management Suite, Restaurant Magic also commits to delivering exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team of support professionals is passionate about achieving your implementation goals and ongoing success.

Free Upgrades

All product releases and upgrades are free, and are distributed three to four times per year. This ensures that you are always using the most up to date version of Management Suite.

  • Since we installed Data Central we’ve benefited in a number of ways, including significant savings.
    CFO, Casual Dining Chain
  • We have found Data Central to work extremely well with our POS system including managing and moving employee data from the point-of-sale to our payroll solution.
    VP Human Resources, Casual Dining Chain
  • Since we started using Data Central we have seen a reduction in both our food and labor costs
    Field Supervisor, Casual Dining Chain
  • The scheduled reporting from Data Central saves everyone a lot of time by not having to run their daily reports every day. They just get them in their emails in the morning.
    COO, Casual Dining Chain
  • Data Central has allowed our managers to be able to have weekly numbers that enable them to focus on problem areas with the Target vs. Actual.
    COO, Fast Casual Chain
  • Secure, centralized management of enterprise data is more than a best practice. It’s a necessity, and Data Central delivers.
    CIO, Multi-Brand Chain

Optional Modules / Features

Food Cost Management

Food Cost Management

Data Central software features helps you control and manage these costs at every step of restaurant purchasing management.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Data Central is the ideal inventory solution for multi-chain operators. Learn more about its tracking, automation and alert capabilities.

Recipe Management

Recipe Management

Data Central has a fully realized capability to allow for the creation of recipes and sub recipes to be used at all, or any subset of client locations.

Labor Management & Scheduling

Labor Management & Scheduling

Data Central’s powerful restaurant labor management forecasting and allocation engine leads to the right mix of staffing and skill.

Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

Providing you easy access and clear understanding of business critical data and information is the sole province of our enterprise reporting software.

Commissary / Production

Commissary / Production

Data Central’s Commissary module is for restaurants who have a production kitchen or commissary that makes items that are sold to their units or outside sources.

Digital Manager's Log

Digital Manager's Log

The perfect way for managers to create logs that detail pertinent information about important topics that occurred that day or for a specific shift.

Dashboards + Alerts

Dashboards + Alerts

Dashboards, also called Business Summary Charts, allow managers to step back and get quick, real-time data views.

Task Manager

Task Manager

With user defined guides driven by work flow technology each user can have their own easy to follow guide to complete daily tasks.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The Business Analyzer puts the power of Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) at your fingertips.

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