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Today’s successful companies aren’t judged solely by the quality of their products or services; they are also judged by the community that rallies around that company.

The advent of social media now allows customers and potential customers- as well as the curious- a look behind the company’s wall, so to speak. That’s why we work with you to vet out Data Central’s software requirements with your existing business model and offer top-notch Restaurant Magic support on an ongoing basis for our customers.

Customer forums are also highly visible these days. At our Data Central forum, Data Central users gather daily to discuss their user experiences and to share Restaurant Magic software requirements and insights on best practices in the field. In this manner, they provide their own Data Central help and Restaurant Magic support groups. They also come seeking direct support from our team at Restaurant Magic support, giving us the opportunity to engage them on an important level and strengthen the business relationships we enjoy.


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To find out more about our Data Central community; to gain access to our customer forum (assuming you are a customer…and if you are not, please tell us why not); to learn more about Data Central’s software requirements; or to schedule a demonstration of our robust and highly flexible application, expert Data Central support options and how we can help your business achieve and maintain growth and profitability, please call us at 800.933.4711 today.

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